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Ponko's Everyday Queries

Monthly comic 2019~2021
Now published in book form!

This comic originally published monthly online explores and explains small everyday life mysteries through the eyes of a curious tanuki (Japanese raccoon) called Ponko.



Looking at simple things


Ponko's Everyday Queries was originally published online as a series of short comic episodes, with each exploring a small "mystery" of the kind we can meet in our everyday lives. How the microwave heats our food, what is compostable and what is not, what happens during fermentation, and so on. The world is full of interesting things to investigate!


Research is important!


In school, were you good at physics or chemistry? I wasn't. All my science classes just went by, while I hoped I could pass the tests somehow. However, my husband is someone who just casually talks about coils, electrons, AC, or DC! When I started to look up all these things online, I realized that I didn't understand science just because I never really researched it enough to like it! In the end, I had a lot of fun researching all the topics in this comic very deeply, going to books, documentaries, but also reading scientific papers and even asking experts in person! 


ponko mockup 2 1000.png
ponko book 2.jpg

About the book


A book tankōbon release containing all the comic episodes published online on the MishiMagazine website, expanded with additional content was released in Japan in 2022.

Language: Japanese

Format: Japanese manga tankōbon book, black and white print, color cover.






Main comics: 96 pages

Bonus contents: A short, bonus comic for each story and text exploring deeper some of the themes mentioned in the main comic. Bonus character and setting illustrations.

Total: 160 pages.







Some sample pages from an episode exploring the mysteries of ink, how it's made, and how its properties depend on its type. A fun episode that makes you want to visit your nearest writing supplies store!


Magazine Feature みんなのミシマガジン

One episode of the comic was published in the Minna no Mishimagazine 2020 autumn edition.


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