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  Diligent, Square, and Limber

a comic

A serialized comic exploring the everyday lives of people living in a shared long-house in Edo – old times Tokyo. Currently published monthly online and earlier also in the Comic Ran magazine. 


Monthly Magazine 月刊連載

This is how the comic looks in the monthly published magazine Comic Ran.


Looking at everyday lives


I’m creating a series of monthly episodes that show everyday life in Edo (past Tokyo) using the power of illustrations and comics. These comics aim to allow the reader to taste the life of people of this metropolis 300 years before our times. 


Imagining the Edo period


I thoroughly research all about the people, things, and cultural aspects before featuring them in this comic. However, because there are no solid references (such as photos) from this period, I’m basing my knowledge on Edo researchers’ books, prints, paintings (like the ukiyo-e), and books from the Edo period. Of course, I fill in using my imagination the parts where I could not find any reliable information. The Edo period is just a few generations in the past from our times, but it already feels fantastic and full of wonder.

写真など決定的な資料のない江戸時代を知るために、研究し ている方達の書籍の他に、当時の文献や浮世絵、短歌などを手がかりてにして描いています。そして明言されていなければ想像して、思いを馳せます。江戸時代を、現代と地続きで数世代遡れば行き着く過去でありながら、実在するファンタジーのような場所と感じながら作っている作品です。

cover to be announced

About the book


A book tankōbon release containing the comic episodes published so far in the Comic Ran magazine and online on the Torch website is planned for 2023. The book will also contain some bonus content.

Language: Japanese

Format: Japanese manga tankōbon book, black and white print.




Some sample pages from an episode exploring the New Year's celebrations in Edo Tokyo. A crowd of people gathers before a shire to celebrate, and buy seasonal goods. Such big crowds can be exciting but also a bit scary!




When first participating in the 2017 "Inktober" event, I drew what would become the prototype of this comic in small, 10 cm squares. These simple ideas would be explored more and greatly expanded into monthly 8 page episodes.