A series of loop animations featuring strange, dancing creatures.



We listen to Chillhop music a lot when we want just some tunes to work along to. I decided to make a longer version of the dance animations featuring some Chillhop songs.

音楽を合わせて、BGM動画にまとめました。作業をするときによく流しているChillhop Musicの曲を使っています​、ほがらかに集中したいときにかけています。

Characters, from the top: Peach, Upa, Green Onion, Gonzalez, Kechamo. The designs are based on mammals, fish, plants, insects, and birds.


MAKING メイキング

A video showing the character design process, using the iPad drawing application "Procreate". When making a set of characters, I try to think about the characters' silhouettes in order to create easy to differentiate shapes within a harmonious series.